The Fashion Kult Talks Style, Wynwood, & Basel

Pamela Wasabi, The Kult
Photo by Stian Roenning

After spending some time in Paris, Miami native, Pamela Wasabi, came back to her hometown to start Wasabi Fashion Kult, the magazine known for “Miami’s street fashion and underground culture.”

With Wasabi Fashion Kult’s success for the past four years, she wanted to complement the lifestyle magazine with a pop up shop she opened two months ago called The Kult, based in Wynwood.

On Style

We are punk rock, girl power, Harajuku.
All the styles we promote, everything we’ve done in the magazine, is all about self expression, independence, girl power, so we just took all those elements and we created the store, so you can get here, everything that we’ve talked about in the magazine.

I always wanted to have the store, so we have everything together.  We have the magazine for people to get informed and know where to party, and then we have the store so they can dress up and feel awesome and go party so it goes hand in hand and finally I was able to open it.

The Kult

Why Wynwood

This is where my crowd hangs out, where we’ve been trying to make a home for us.  Us is the underground culture.  All the artists, all the people trying to do something for our community, the up and coming culture.  This is the place to be.  This is our home.

How it compares to other artistic communities

Miami doesn’t have that bohemian, laid back, artsy neighborhood yet. That’s why I think we’re all here [in Wynwood] because we aspire this to be that place, like Williamsburg in Brooklyn or in Atlanta they have Little Five Points.  All those places when you go there you’re like ‘this is my town.’  This is where we have crazy hair, rock clothes, hang out and listen to awesome music, and actually have an interesting conversation.

Miami is just a young city.  I always say it’s like a teenager, and we’re all doing mistakes, and popping on new ideas.  It’s like when you’re in you’re twenties, Miami is the same thing.  It’s going there step by step, each step is like a decade.  New York is like light years ahead of us or San Francisco.  We’re just a young city, but that’s where we are heading.

The Kult x Art Basel 

For Art Basel we’re doing trunk shows at different clubs like the Vagabond. Our “house” is going to be the Vagabond for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (December 6-8) so we’re gonna set up a little market there where we’ll have our clothes.  Then on the 9th we might go to Wood Tavern when they do the Backyard Boogie.

Inside The Kult

10th Annual 80’s Prom @ The Vagabond

We’re actually dressing the State Of.  They’re the band playing that night, so we’re dressing Nabedi and Steph.  They’re really good friends of mine and it’s an awesome way of mixing all of our talents. Bleach is doing their hair.  They’re our salon partner, so they always do our hair for the shows.

The Kult Shop is giving a discount to people who are going to the prom, so make sure to drop by the store and get your 80’s on!

The Kult Shop is located at
167 NW 25th St.
Miami, Fl

The Kult will be out of the space for Basel from November 24th and will return on December 11th.

The Kult