Q&A with Sniper, Ahol Sniffs Glue

Snipers, a solo show featuring the works of famed Miami street artist, Ahol Sniffs Glue premiered last week, Thursday, November 29th in Wynwood at the Gregg Sheinbaum Gallery. Plushies filled the walls in all shapes and sizes depicting a collage of Miami life “sniped” by none other than Alouishous San Gomma himself. Open for your viewing pleasure through December 9th, the exhibit also includes a claw machine filled with all sorts of Ahol delights. We sat down with the artist to discuss the inspiration behind the show, honoring the spirit of Jose El Rey, and the magic city he calls home.

Ahol Sniffs Glue, Snipers

Ahol Sniffs Glue, Snipers

What’s the intention behind the exhibit Snipers?

Snipers was a way to display my newest body of work at the Gregg Shienbaum Gallery.  The images used were captured and edited using my cellphone. I went through these images and chopped them down to the strongest 100. These images were captured from daily life without permission (bus, walking, maury povich audience).  By putting the images on fabric I was able to bring my rough images to a 3D state.  To do so, I learned how to sew and was able to create these plushies to further compliment the images.  I wanted to create a odd atmosphere for my installation that resembles a underground club/ arcade/ video store porno section.  Snipers was a name that captured the act of taking these pictures without permission and an imaginary venue that sells these creations.

What has the response been?

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from the images to begin with so the packaged installation was well received.


Wall of Plushies

How does the claw machine relate to the plushy exhibit?

The claw machine was a way to further compliment the plushies and further put visitors in a weird environment where everyone can interact with the exhibit for $1.

The machine had a beach crab theme to it and it plays The Lambada.  I wanted to cover all angles creating this project, so we had the machine wrapped with my iconic eyeballs.  This was a way to make the machine my own and create a piece of art that can still be used well after the show ends. The machine was then filled with unique items that compliment the main series of plushies and embody my sense of humor.


Bring Your Quarters

The claw along with the music that was playing reminds me of Hot Wheels.  Did the roller rink era of the 80s/90s inspire this?

I do remember Hot Wheels and it definitely was a great place.  My main inspiration for the show was arcades and the creepy adult section in video rental stores.  The soundtrack was created by Jose el Rey before he died (R.I.P.)  In explaining my vision, there were about 70 minutes of unreleased tracks that really complimented the exhibit and thanks to his estate I was able to use them.

Ahol Sniffs Glue Claw Machine

Ahol Sniffs Glue Claw Machine

How does Wynwood inspire your work as an artist?

Wynwood is great.  I’m mainly inspired by all of Miami in general.   Not even its artists, just daily life, its struggles and hustles.

Have you done any new murals lately?

Last mural was a few weeks back with my SSK crew mates 3I7 on 36th street down the street from Hellbound City.

What are you looking forward to checking out for Basel? 

I really am looking forward to being off from my regular job and hanging with my crew and running all over the place.  I’m probably going to play it by ear and have the most fun I can have.


With the signed dvds up for grabs in the claw, the Hit and Run obviously had a great impact on you.  How does that experience filter into your work?

The hit and run was intense.  I am thankful everyday that I am alive and can live life to the fullest.  It has given me a creative push like no other and allowed me to appreciate everything. The cops gave up on the search for the lady that ran me over and I really don’t know why they gave me the surveillance video, but I needed to incorporate it somehow.  I figured putting it online is cheezy and selling it is tacky, so you can only get a copy by winning it in the machine.  There’s 20 signed and numbered copies.  If you win it, you can do whatever you like with it.

What would you like to see happen in Wynwood as the community develops?

Wynwood needs more convenient stores that sell Kools.  I ran out of cigs the other day and realized how menthol cigarettes are difficult to find on foot.

What are the voids in the neighborhood that you see that need to be filled?

So far so good.  It’s nice seeing the additions popping up.

What future plans of yours would you like us to know, upcoming shows, collaborations, clothing releases?

I like to keep people guessing.  Already conceptualizing my next body of work.  Looking forward to continuing to work with Gregg Shienbaum and painting with my SSK family.

Ahol Sniffs Glue Claw Machine

Ahol Sniffs Glue Claw Machine