Pop Up Restaurants For Basel

Sushi Samba's, pop up restaurant, Samba Pop, in Midtown Miami

Sushi Samba’s, pop up restaurant, Samba Pop, in Midtown Miami

Pop Up restaurants are booming in Miami and they’re popping up even more for Basel.

From Miami Dish…If pop-ups provide branding opportunities, these opportunities magnify during Art Basel with the numbers of people who are out and about, especially moneyed tourists. Like performance art, pop-ups are ephemeral. Part of the appeal of pop-up restaurants is their novelty, although if you are from out of town, everything is novel. However, for locals too, there is also the novelty appeal of something fleeting; marketers have long capitalized on the appeal of the ephemeral.

Sometimes half the fun is seeing something familiar, like a popular restaurant, in an unlikely place (as with some art pieces) although with the number of pop-ups appearing at art fairs and throughout Miami, being an “unlikely” pop-up restaurant during Basel is becoming a tougher proposition…read more on Miami Dish