Huffington Post Travel Lists Wynwood As Site To See

The Huffington Post travel section lists Wynwood as the ‘Gritty Outdoor Museum’ you must visit when in Miami, with supporting quotes from local artist,  Santiago Rubino.

Wynwood x Huff Post

At the Wynwood Walls

High on a colorful wall overlooking a grassy lot and an assembly of restaurant patrons is a mural of a man in a cowboy hat and tie, hands held up in delight.

You can almost hear developer Tony Goldman exclaiming, “Now that’s art!” while looking down on his Wynwood Walls creation.

The cowboy is the latest addition to the Walls, an enclosed collection of murals in one of Miami more historically troubled neighborhoods. An area that spent decades marked mostly by desolate industrial warehouses is now an art destination, thanks in large part to Goldman’s vision.

Goldman’s idea was simple: Buy some buildings, put up a restaurant and create an outdoor international street art museum.

Where others saw windowless concrete, Goldman saw canvas. After the Wynwood art scene began organically with a smattering of galleries and graffiti, he helped it along by bringing in restaurants and a closed-off art park for artists to showcase their work.

The neighborhood now boasts at least 50 galleries and dozens of murals in addition to those at Wynwood Walls.

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