Gutter Film Series Tonight @ The LAB Miami

A Boy And His Dog

A Boy And His Dog

John Hood interviews Joey Halegua of the Gutter Film Series about tonight’s free screening of A Boy And His Dog at The Wynwood Building.

Well before Sonny Crockett cracked wise on Miami Vice, and near eons prior to Big Daddy’s seeing Django UnchainedDon Johnson‘s career already careened between small screen favorites (Kung Fu,The Streets of San Francisco) and big screen weirdness (Return to Macon CountySoggy Bottom U.S.A.). What he didn’t have though was a good reason to do a strange little film called A Boy and His Dog, unless you think being tasked to repopulate a ravaged earth one hot chick at a time is reason enough to do an “R Rated, rather kinky tale of survival.” Gutter Film Series‘ Joey Halegua gets into the gutter before giving up his soiled screen to the gloriously rotten cause this Wednesday evening.

Why the hell are you still in the gutter, brother? I’m still wallowing in the filth because it’s my only source of mental nutrition in today’s world. For the most part I find the films coming out of Hollywood today a lot less inspiring and original than the offbeat offerings to be found in the “Gutter”. In fact these “Gutter” films are so rich in filth that they are like fertilizer to my mental garden of imagination, inspiration and creativity.

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