Miami Zine Culture Comeback

Limited Edition publication, Moods 2

Limited Edition publication, Moods 2

Edwin Beauchamp and Gusto Mendoza, the creative minds behind the new design studio Coloform, are, naturally, all over the web. Of course, like any good twenty- and thirtysomething artists of their ilk, they’re all over TumblrTwitterInstagram, even relatively stodgy Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else in the digital world. So the choice of medium for their latest project, Moods 2, seems almost archaic: printed paper.

This limited-edition publication follows a slowly growing rebirth in Miami of zine culture — a d.i.y. approach to self-publishing that, like vinyl in the music world, favors the tangible. Yes, Moods 2 is something you have to actually pick up in real life to fully experience: the zine itself folds out into a poster.

In fact, the entire project arose from a poster project by Beauchamp and Mendoza this past September, based on the concept of visually conveying music and sound waves. “For Moods 2 we wanted make another giveaway poster, and through some experimentation we came up with a poster/zine concept,” says Mendoza.

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