HuffPost On Crosswalk Unveiling in Wynwood

Wynwood Ways Crosswalk Photo by S. Turk

Wynwood Ways Crosswalk Photo by S. Turk

New artist-designed crosswalks in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood are meant to make the stretch more pedestrian-friendly. But could double takes of their awesomeness distract both those in front and behind the wheel?

It’s possible. Consider the first of 15 such crosswalks that was revealed Monday at 25th Street and Northwest Second Avenue in an official dedication to Wynwood developer Tony Goldman.

The hypnotic, brightly-hued crisscrossing design is the donated vision of Venezuelan kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, who once described color as “an evolving situation, a reality which acts on the human being with the same intensity as cold, heat, and sound.”

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