Zadok Gallery Presents Tatiana Parcero For Art Wynwood

Zadok Gallery, an exceptional gallery showcasing international works of art in Wynwood, will be presenting the work of Tatiana Parcero at Art Wynwood. Art Wynwood 2013 premieres President’s Day Weekend February 14-18.

Tatiana Parcero presented by Zadok Gallery

Tatiana Parcero presented by Zadok Gallery

“I’m interested in exploring the relationship between the human being and life; between man and earth; between nature and the body; religions, rituals and traditions of diverse cultures are-clearly or subtly-reflected in the images. With all of these elements I re-invent and recreate visual metaphors.”
-Tatiana Parcero

Zadok Gallery is pleased to announce a one-person show at Art Wynwood presenting the work of Tatiana Parcero, entitled In Her Boudoir (come smell the roses). Parcero’s photographic work explores the body in ways that reference themes of femininity, identity, and the choices offered by the future rather than the imposed histories of the past.

This show, on display at Art Wynwood booth B3, features work that spans 15 years of Parcero’s career, allowing viewers a glimpse into the artist’s own personal history. Parcero photographs her body, which serves as a tabula rasa over which she layers symbolic imagery ranging from Pre-Columbian Aztec codices, to maps of earth and sky, to geometric forms. These symbols reference a shared, often violent, history that is inextricably linked to the artist’s own Mexican ancestry.

Each work, comprised of a layer of transparent acetate over a photographic print, creates a sensation of depth and visual uncertainty as they converge to mimic the various strata that shape one’s notion of identity.

This show examines Parcero’s own exploration of self-identity and tracks ways in which she has effectively overcome obstacles in that quest. By mapping her body, Parcero has set her own course for the future.

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