Vintage Motorcycles & Pin Ups Come To Wynwood


The Wynwood Arts District is the cultural pulse of Miami, home not only to the visual and performing arts, but also burgeoning tech start-ups and now…vintage motorcycles. What happens when bikers and their babes come to Wynwood? Well, you’ll just have to go to Wood Tavern on a Thursday, where they host a weekly bike night. If you just can’t wait til next Thursday, and want to experience the true biker lifestyle, you’ll have to make it out to Wynwood Parc this Saturday. Located at 75 NW 24th Street, Old Soul Young Blood (OSYB) is hosting the Inaugural Wynwood Vintage Motorcycle Festival, an all day/all night event, from 11am to 1am, where bike enthusiasts from all over South and Central Florida will be galavanting and parading their hottest rods.

OSYB Vintage Motorcycle Festival

Juan Rosal of Old Soul Young Blood explains their outlook. “OSYB  is synonymous with life. It’s not just something you say… It’s something you feel. It’s something you are. It’s a state of mind…To style, design, and create something that comes from your soul. We are a crew of like minded individuals who enjoy the culture and lifestyle of a simpler time with a passion for vintage motorcycles.”

Tomorrow, at the Inaugural Vintage Motorcycle Festival, expect a pop up bar from Wood Tavern, a pin-up beauty pageant, as well as rockin’ bands and plenty of art. Some of Wynwood’s finest artists will be using 6 Bell Custom 500 helmets as their canvases and even a skate ramp has been added to the mix. OSYB may even incite a tire throwing competition.

1st Annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival in Wynwood

“There is nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars” Jack Kerouac, On the Road