Banksy Mural Removed From Auction


Frederic Thut leads auction on Saturday

The controversial Banksy auction which was scheduled to take place on February 23rd among other works of Contemporary art, was pulled from the auction at the last minute. The auction held at Fine Art Auctions Miami, is a gallery and auction house located on the ground floor of Museo Vault, a fine art storage facility in Wynwood, built in 2008 by Wynwood realtor and developer, David Lombardi of Lombardi Properties.

The announcement that the Banksy piece, “Slave Labor” (Bunting Boy), was pulled from the auction, was made just prior to the start of the 2 hour auction that took place Saturday afternoon, featuring 116 works of art. Wet Dog, a Banksy piece painted in the West Bank around 2007, was also removed from the auction block.  The auction house has not released a statement as to why the works were pulled from the auction.

Reuters News Crew Films Auction

Reuters News Crew Films Auction