Denim Atelier “Silowet” Comes To Wynwood


Stacy Glover, owner of Silowet Couture

Wynwood is rapidly becoming a hot bed of fashion.  With NE 29th Street getting ready to welcome Fashion De La Calle, a fashion market spearheaded by Pamela Wasabi from The Kult, the Arts District of Miami is now home to New York bred designer by way of Charlotte, North Carolina, Stacy Glover.

Glover, a self-taught coutoure clothier specializing in denim, houses his production studio and showroom in Wynwood, just below Scratch DJ Academy on NW 28th St. His brand, Silowet Couture, provides design, production, and retail under one roof, catering to women looking for the right fit of jeans. Stacy started the company five years ago in North Carolina and opened a production studio in Medley, Florida about two years ago. However, with high end clients less than excited to travel all the way west to the industrial district, he knew he needed a studio close to the action.


Silowet’s Miami Flagship Store

The vibrant artisans of Wynwood and the affordable retail space, made the Arts District a perfect choice for Stacy. Glover notes, “the creative hub here was exactly the same spirit I carry, which is the independent spirit.” He transformed the former wholesale district space that used to sell boxers and tshirts on NW 28th Street into a high end denim atelier. Glover continues to gush over the dynamic artsy neighborhood. “The gallery owners that I know here…they’re just regular people who are just trying to push forward and do something that’s extraordinary.”

Understanding how difficult it can be for women to find the perfect fit of jeans, Glover wanted to offer a custom denim product that would highlight a woman’s silhouette. “There wasn’t anything on the market in regards to denim made from a tailoring perspective, as opposed to a mass production perspective in particular for women.”

Silowet offers different designs with stitching and not just standard five pocket stitching. “I wanted to add the design element into the actual jeans, not just throw a wash finish on it and call it a different jean. It was about designing actual jeans that are different. The pockets are different, they fit different, the cut is different, completely different jeans.”


Stacy explains that in the six step custom process, his team takes the measurements of the client and creates the pattern based off of their evaluation. “We approach it from a tailoring or bespoke process.” His company offers different types of fabrics, such as sateen and stretch suede, imported from Japan, Tunisia, Brazil, Thailand, Pakistan, and of course, domestic fabrics, as well.

“It was important to have some novelty fabrics. It’s not all actually denim per se, but they’re all jeans, jeans meaning the style, cut and wear. We try to stay away from a lot of rigid fabrics, or 100% cotton, because for a woman’s body, with so many contours and curves, these fabrics tend not to give, it compresses the curves, so for us, it was important to make sure that a lot of our garments had stretch in them.”

Loving the way the word, silhouette, rolls off the tongue, Stacy cites childhood memories as a source of inspiration for the brand name. “For me, it was always about the figure, it was always about the outline. As a kid, I would be in dressing rooms with my mom and all these women would be trying on garments. Back then, it was a thin white sheet and you would see the silhouette. You could just see outlines. It was art in motion.”


Silowet’s Production Studio

Silowet Couture is located at
448 NW 28th Street
Miami, Florida 33127
T. 305.501.4646
F. 888.745.6939
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday by Appointment