Florida Grand Opera To Perform in Wynwood for Art Walk


Early first adopters of the Second Saturday Art Walk who complain about the “Coco Walk-ification” of the narrow NW 2nd Ave corridor will have to complain a little louder this Saturday. Otherwise, their voices could be lost beneath the impressive vocals of the Florida Grand Opera.

Following its previous stints at Wynwood art havens like Dorsch Gallery, FGO will return to the neighborhood’s Hangar Gallery this Saturday with an opera preview that promises to inject some added culture (with a capital “C”) into the Second Saturday Art Walk.

So you’ve never heard of Robert Xaver Rodriguez’s Tango or Astor Piazzolla’s Maria de Buenos Aries? Fret not. Be rest assured, this isn’t your grandparents’ favorite travelingPirates of Penzance production, and you won’t have to catch the show from a fourth tier balcony dressed in a suffocating cummerbund.

Expect to inhale a seductive 20-something performer’s perfume as she belts out a sultry Tango-laced aria several inches in front of your face. In short, this production will be anything but stuffy, as the show takes advantage of the local bar scene and its standing room format to put audience members in the middle of the action as brief tales of lust, romance, and tango unravel around them.

“Since the crowd will be young, hip art lovers, we couldn’t think of a more fitting selection than a Tango double bill. Tango is appealing because it’s sexy and provocative, and when in Miami…,” says Roberto Berrocal, Head Coach of the Young Artists Studio of the Florida Grand Opera.

The Young Artists Studio is the final step voice students at the Florida Grand Opera take before gaining their stripes as professional opera singers, and they will certainly have their work cut out for them Saturday night in front of a discerning crowd and surrounded by the art installations of The Hangar Gallery. Expect rowdy guests as a round of complimentary vodka shots will be available for attendees.

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