Miami New Times Coverage of Nick Gentry Exhibit

The Miami New Times reports on new exhibit at the Robert Fontaine Gallery featuring the floppy disk works by Nick Gentry, who was also featured at Art Wynwood.

"Opus" floppy disk art by Nick Gentry

“Opus” floppy disk art by Nick Gentry

When it was introduced in the early ’70s, the floppy disk changed the world of data storage forever. No one thought it would be virtually (har har) extinct by the late 2000s. At first glance, the thin, plastic and magnetic carriers seem impersonal and downright ugly.

But Nick Gentry turns them into breathtaking creations that reveal bits and pieces of the humanity stored within the flexible square cartridges.

The London-based artist will exhibit his solo exhibit, “XChange,” at the Robert Fontaine Gallery during April’s Second Saturday Art Walk in Wynwood. During its run, Gentry will be in Miami working from a studio space. His body of work will explore identity, privacy and collective history through discarded technology and portraiture. In a rapidly expanding digital age, we have become obsessed with creating a digital personality in addition to our actual self.

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