Food & Wine Festival Kick Off @ Wynwood Walls

Veritage Miami

If you’re the type of person whose eyes light up at the sight or sound of the word “Michelin,” then next week is made for you, and it’s all happening in Miami! United Way Miami’s annual Wine & Food Festival, April 17th-20th, is celebrating its 18th year by undergoing a very upscale, very haute cuisine makeover that is sure to draw in South Florida’s serious gourmands. Eschewing its old moniker, the festival is now going by the name VERITAGEMIAMI, and to show the South Florida food scene that it means business, they are having none other than the legendary Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud to headline the four day event.

The food and wine festival kicks off on Wednesday, April 17th, with a beer tasting at the iconic Wynwood Walls in Miami’s edgy arts district, followed by a walk around wine tasting at the Village of Merrick Park.

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