Alice in Wynwoodland Theater and Bike Tour

alice in wynwoodland

Miami is nothing if not a rabbit hole, a place where doe-eyed innocents, much like Alice, gather en masse and then disappear into a surreal void where they meet tweaked-out freaks and crazy characters. So an Alice in Wonderland-themed event seems incredibly appropriate for our far-out fantasyland.

Enter Alice in Wynwoodland. The intriguing concept, a costumed bike ride/theater performance, is the collaborative brainchild of the Front Yard Theater Collective (FYTC) and local bike champion Emerge Miami. So on April 27, bike riders across Miami can don their best Cheshire Cat getups and take to the streets to follow Alice on her trippy trip through the ether.

The premise: What would happen if Alice’s final destination were Wynwood instead of Wonderland?

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