Stanley Kubrick Retrospective In Wynwood @OCinema

rodney ascher

Rodney Ascher

The work of the iconclastic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is part of a retrospective this week at O Cinema in Wynwood.

This haunting scene is from The Shining, a classic film by Stanley Kubrick.
South Florida native Rodney Ascher directed Room 237, a new documentary exploring the many interpretations of Kubrick’s The Shining. Both films will be shown at O Cinema this week.

Ascher has seen The Shining 15 or 16 times from beginning to end, watching key scenes of the movie over and over again in slow motion and even backwards.

“Kubrick’s always been one of my favorite filmmakers,” said Ascher. “The Shining sort of left it’s mark on me ever since I was frightened out of a screening that I had snuck into as a little kid.”

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