The Atlantic Cities Profiles Second Saturdays in Wynwood


It’s just after 10 p.m., and there’s a throng of people surging along 23rd Street in Miami. Music has been blaring from multiple ad-hoc sound systems, but now one of them, playing dubstep, is dominating. There’s a clearing in the middle of the crowd, and two guys are having a dance battle.

Behind them is a towering tangle of twisted and polished steel tubes that look like re-purposed bicycle frames and car exhaust systems, illuminated from inside by amber lights and screens. Murals dot the building walls.

This is Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood on “Second Saturdays.” Sidewalks are dense with people and food trucks with long lines are scattered up and down the street. Vendors sell tacky jewelry. A strange vehicle glides by. It’s a beer bike—10 or so people on bar stools mounted to a car frame, pedaling while a bartender in the middle serves drinks and a driver up front steers.

I pass more crowds of people. Some are wearing masks. Others hats with horns. Many are carrying beer bottles and cups, openly drinking in the street. A four-propeller remote controlled helicopter flies overhead, illuminated in bright green and blue. There are one or two galleries still open, but none who’s names I recognize. This party will continue well into the night.

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