Haute Living Profiles Wynwood Cigar Factory

Robert Caldwell

Robert Caldwell
Photo Credit: Haute Living

Home to a 5,000 square foot cigar factory, Wynwood among its galleries and burgeoning bars, is also headquarters to Wynwood Cigars, now distributed to over 100 retailers throughout the country. Haute Living profiles one of the owners, Robert Caldwell, and the rise of his unorthodox cigar company.

Owner Robert Caldwell started in the industry five years ago when he opened The Hotel Humidor, a company distributing cigars to Miami’s top hotels. It rapidly grew to become the leading hospitality cigar distributer in the U.S., serving over 150 of the top hotels. But this past January, Caldwell and his partner Christian Eiroa, former owner of Camacho Cigars, felt it was time for Miami to embrace a real cigar factory.

“The purpose was to build a true Miami brand,” said Caldwell. “The industry in Miami is not what it was, and I wanted to put the city back on the map.”

And so, he opened Wynwood Cigar Factory that is true to Miami and truly atypical in the industry. Caldwell stuck to Wynwood’s roots and made a highly artistic brand. He not only stores the cigars in hand-made boxes, each painted by a local artist, but he also features many artists’ works on the factory’s walls.

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