Rise Up Gallery Editorial in Huffington Post

David McCauley, an inspiring force in the Wynwood Arts District, published a wonderful article on The Huffington Post about Rise Up Gallery‘s mission. He also so cleverly weaves the power of how art can uplift a community like Wynwood and ties it in with moving forward, living with paralysis.

David McCauley of the Rise Up Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District

David McCauley of the Rise Up Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District

I remember the first time I saw the TEMPT1 video featuring The Eyewriter. I was having a dinner party/gathering at my apartment, which I would host occasionally, in order to get other like minded creative artist/activists together in NYC and share ideas (and have fun ). I told my buddy, who is a prominent graffiti writer, about my idea of offering adaptive art workshops to people living with paralysis and he was like “DUDE! You’ve gotta see this!” Enter TEMPT1 and The Eyewriter.

When my shock and amazement began to fade I realized this video validated the mission of the organization I was about to launch, The Rise Up Gallery. My mission was two fold:

1) Offer adaptive art workshops to assist in the physical and mental recovery following a catastrophic injury or illness.
2) Create a tertiary income opportunity for the disabled.

Now, two and a half years later, Miami has embraced us and Wynwood, with its vibrant energy, has become the perfect locale for Rise Up. A strategic partnership with Jackson Memorial Hospital, allows us to offer our adaptive art workshops to newly and long time injured paralysis patients. We find brushstrokes to be incredibly healing. In addition, many survivors unable to pursue their former career path are provided a vital income opportunity through the sale of art, to supplement expenses such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and even groceries.

Street Art defines Wynwood. Its everywhere. It doesn’t hang in an exclusive gallery or museum. It is there for all people to see. It’s a perfect example of how art can not only alter a landscape, but also make a positive impact on the community.

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