Ruben Ubiera Creates Mural in Wynwood Immigrant Reform

7dias, a Spanish language site has profiled a Dominican urban artist who created an enormous mural in Wynwood dedicated to immigrants who are living in the U.S. undocumented. The mural, supported by the ACLU, is meant to transcend the Arts, spark conversation, and bring awareness to immigration reform in America.

The Dominican urban artist Ruben Ubiera was inspired by Hispanic immigrants painful experiences to paint an interactive mural in Miami with a message of solidarity with the undocumented and in favor of immigration reform.

The mural, 20 feet wide and six high, occupies the facade of a building in Wynwood graffiti area, the Miami Art District and will be inaugurated tomorrow, Saturday. Ubiera, 36, chosen by the magazine  New TimesBest Urban Artist of 2012 , has opted for a colorful and powerful interactive graffiti mural with the ” hashtag “  that will bring the public iamhere seven stories of undocumented immigrants. The purpose is for the public to raise awareness about the need for the Government U.S. pass comprehensive immigration reform, told Efe Carolina Gonzalez, spokesman for the  American Civil Liberties Union of Florida  (ACLU), an organization responsible for this artistic endeavor.

For the full story visit 7Dias