Business Improvement District Voting Underway in Wynwood

Wynwood is currently in the BID process. Property owners have received their ballots and are either mailing them in, or voting the day of June 4th at the Wynwood Walls. Once the BID is voted for, Wynwood will finally have all the luxuries of a flourishing district such as, proper lighting at night and trash receptacles!


The Wynwood Arts District mixes a gritty urban landscape with the high end

May will be a big one for Wynwood – property owners will be voting to form a business improvement district that will help raise money that will be used for neighborhood priorities. One such priority is security.

The initiative has recently been approved by Miami City Commissioners, and is being driven by a group of influential business and property owners in the form of a steering committee. The committee is comprised of 60 members. The initiative is now in the hands of the owners of commercial property in the area between N. Miami Avenue and I-95, north of the downtown area. A majority in favor is needed to make the improvement plans a reality.

“Our Business Improvement District (BID) will give Wynwood a single voice speaking for the commercial area,” said David Collins, the director of the Wynwood BID project. “With one voice, we will be much more powerful advocates to demand better and expanded City services.” Property owners will be investing money in needs such as better sanitation and enhanced street lighting, as part of the BID plan.

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