Reflections Premiere At O. Ascanio Gallery

Miami Art critic Carlos Suarez de Jesus, reports on David Rodriguez Caballero’s pop up show at O. Ascanio Gallery in Wynwood. As we mentioned last month, the artist will display his metal sculpture at the Wynwood gallery as part of his debut Miami solo show.

David Rodriguez, artist

David Rodriguez Caballero moves with the grace of a jaguar through a Wynwood gallery. Sporting a trim beard, jeans, and a light blue shirt, the tall, slender, 42-year-old Spaniard stops before an aluminum wall sculpture that looks like a large piece of metal origami. The surface appears to have been raked with razor-sharp talons. Its surface, glowing with a crimson hue, refracts the overhead lights.

“I’m interested in painting without painting,” he says.

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