Outdoor Gallery Pops Up

Photo from wallpeople.org

Photo from wallpeople.org

Make it, tape it, and gather for a universal celebration of creative expression. That’s what Wallpeople wants you to do.

On Saturday, June 1st, artists in 40 cities across the world will simultaneously turn the walls of their city streets into outdoor pop-up galleries. And yes, that includes Miami.

Founded in 2009, Wallpeople began in Barcelona as a collaborative art project that invites artistic individuals to create unique moments in specific urban spaces under a unified theme. This year, “Wallpeople 2013: Music Edition” wants participants to apply the boundless influence of music to their work.

Every year, Wallpeople adds ten cities to its growing roster of annual pop-up exhibitions, and Miami’s back on their map with the second annual Wallpeople Miami. Put together by Elisa Rodriguez-Vila and Fermin Gonzalez, the event will be held in a lot provided by sponsor Miami Spaces, a realty firm that places emphasis on supporting local artists. The wall, which currently features a mural by Wynwood artist 2alas, will serve as the backdrop for the singular yet simultaneous event.

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