Art Basel “IN” Miami Beach

The big news about Art Basel Miami Beach? A name change. Well, just a slight one.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Just when you finally taught all your friends to pronounce the word Basel correctly, the ginormous art fair has news for you: It’s rebranding.

Art Basel, which stages high-profile art fairs in Basel, Switzerland, and Hong Kong in addition to the long weekend of culture and shmoozy, boozy parties that hits Miami each year, has added “in” to the titles of its three events, according to ArtInfo.

So forget Art Basel Miami Beach, and meet its new upgrade, Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Art Basel Hong Kong will become Art Basel in Hong Kong as well. The original Art Basel? Its new name is Art Basel in Basel, which is both redundant and epically annoying if your friends refuse to pronounce Basel correctly.

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