O Cinema Premieres Indie Film Screening Program

O Cinema in Wynwood is offering a cool new film membership program, where subscribers get a sneak peak at the hottest up and coming indie films.


In certain intellectual and artistic circles, it’s almost a sport to complain about how Miami gets every bit of culture last among the country’s larger cities. And yet, every day a little piece of evidence appears, shining like a beacon of hope in a sun-bleached mental vacuum.

Indie film buffs, take particular note of the latest development to benefit you: GATHR, a nationwide sort of film-previewing club that’s now offered in Miami at O Cinema’s Wynwood location.

GATHR is a membership program, and you have to be a serious new-new film addict to make it worth your while. But if you are, it’s a deal.

Here’s how it works — you can purchase a one-month subscription for $19, or three months for $49. (These are current prices and part of an initial test phase.) That guarantees you one ticket to a screening of a new movie every week, as long as you RSVP at least 24 hours in advance. (If you have friends who aren’t members, you can buy a full-priced companion ticket when you RSVP, or they can try to score a few limited non-member tickets at the door.)

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