Ruben Ubiera’s Mural Tells Immigration Story With QR Code

Rubien Ubiera’s mural has been catching a lot of attention lately. Last time we mentioned the artist, he was profiled by 7dias, about his ACLU commissioned work to create a street level installation, initiating a dialogue about immigration reform.  Now WLRN is reporting on his mural and use of QR Code to continue the conversation of immigrant’s stories.


The #IamHere immigration mural

Ruben Ubiera is one busy guy. Ask him what he’s up to and prepare to hear an earful. The Broward County resident recently wrapped up the Lexicon show at Young at Art Museum in Davie, where he has also led a workshop for children artists. And his 10-by-4-foot self portrait puppet, representing Ubiera’s artistic life, will remain in the museum’s permanent collection. In addition, Ubiera recently unveiled his latest mural in Wynwood, a massive portrayal of eight immigrants’ faces. The piece offers viewers more than a gazing experience. The mural contains a QR code so people can scan it with a smartphone and hear the recorded stories of each person depicted in the piece.

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