Live Paint Contest At Wood Tavern

Wynwood‘s very own, Wood Tavern is hosting a live paint contest. Artists are welcome to submit their work online. The artist whose submission gains the most votes will paint live at the neighborhood bar Friday, June 16th.

Wood Tavern Premieres Live Paint Contest

Wood Tavern to host live paint contest

The public will select one winner who will receive:

– $250 cash prize
– Exposure through Wood Tavern’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, website )
– Be the sole painter for the night so you can promote your brand and build your network.
– An opportunity to auction the completed piece at the end of the night to the highest bidder!

Wood Tavern is looking for one artist who will live paint on the Friday of June 16th. The event will surround the artist and draw attention to the captive ways of not only creating a piece, but then seeing it through to its completion. Live painting is a great form for artists not only to showcase their work, but engage their audience as well. Don’t wait, submit now, and be featured during one of the busiest nights at Wood Tavern where everyone will be there to see you.

For contest guidelines and rules visit CreativGlu