Wynwood Graffiti Artists Paint Rehab Facility

Miami Drug Alcohol Rehab mural

Florida drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, Into Action partnered with Miami graffiti artists yesterday who helped to “tag,” or spray paint as it is formally known, the back wall of the facility. The back wall of Into Action Treatment has many beautiful pieces of graffiti art on it and as of today, there is one more central piece to the wall completed. The wall consists of many different animals, including fish, monkeys, and a swan. There are also fruits and other colorful drawings all of which sprawl the back wall and blend with doors and power meters. Today, the wall was adorned with a new tree of life, integrating the other pieces previously on the wall.

The 2 Miami graffiti artists who tagged the wall go by the names Arive aka Seam and Quake. Arive is a Miami graffiti legend who has been tagging Miami since 1983 with a strong focus on the Wynwood area.

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