Strangeways Magazine Launches Tonight in Wynwood!

The Miami New Times shared this great event, looking for a good time on a thursday? Enjoy your night with good vibes! Stop by tonight to support Strangeways as they release their first magazine in Wynwood! 


Strangeways has been printing zines in the city for two years now, and with their 18th issue in the wild, they’ve finally decided to burst from their small-scale constraints and are releasing their first magazine, an occasion they’ll be celebrating tonight with a show presented by The GO! SHOP at Nicelook Gallery in Wynwood.

And even if you don’t buy it, go to the gallery and show these guys some love. They deserve it and you deserve a night’s worth of fascinating conversation, stimulating artwork, nice people, and booze.

Featuring works from
Kubiat Nnamdie
Johnny Laderer
Dana Goldstein
Nick Lobo
Monica Uszerowicz
Steve Saiz
Jessy Nite
Brian Butler
Jill Weisberg
Denise Ekendahl
Patricia Margarita Hernandez
John Vale
Tara Long

Special performance by Möthersky

Celebrating the release of the new strangeways magazine. To be on sale at the event.

Located at:
Nice Look Gallery
NW 25th St. Miami, FL 33127
inside the Wynwood Walls garden
Thursday July 25th, 2013
6pm – 9pm
Complimentary cocktails will be provided


Get the full story at : Miami New Times