Wynwood’s New Urbanism and Smart Growth!

Wynwood being so “up and coming”, there really aren’t many places to live. Well now, the growth is just beginning! Not only to live safely, but also to work & play! Thanks to Wynwood property developers Tony Cho of Metro 1 Properties and David Lombardi of Lombardi Properties.



Article By: Kerry McLaney, founder of Wynwood-based 305 Creative Group (@305creative)

If you frequent Wynwood, you’ve noticed the changing landscape: new murals, new construction, new businesses, and fresh demolitions in the small pockets of residential areas amid the warehouses. I’ve witnessed six houses on 27th Street between North Miami and NW Second avenues come down in the past couple of months. The teardowns are quick. From the time the excavators roll in to the time the land is leveled is anywhere from two to seven days, depending upon the size of the property.

I sat down with Wynwood property developers Tony Cho of Metro 1 Properties and David Lombardi of Lombardi Properties to learn about what’s really happening in the hood.

KerryMcLaney_NewTimes_Wynwood_demolitions5Newly empty plots of land dot the Wynwood landscape.

Cho and Lombardi said they have been battling the City of Miami, the Zoning Department, and the Parking Department to create a viable community where locals and tourists are guaranteed a safe experience. Lombardi pointed out that the majority of Wynwood is classified as D-1, meaning only 36 units per acre and three parking spaces are required for every 1,000 square feet of commercial space such as retail or office. It’s an ideal classification for warehouse and industrial districts, but not so much for rapidly developing retail and restaurant centers.

However, the areas where most of these razed houses are located are zoned as T5-L, where 65 units are allowed per acre. That regulation lends the area to midrise buildings with retail, restaurant, and live/work options — exactly the direction in which Cho and Lombardi hope to take the neighborhood.

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