Mark Diamond’s Show Up Art In Panther Coffee For The Summer

As I walk into Wynwood’s Panther Coffee to grab an expresso, I am captivated by the 3 dimensional photographs hung on the walls. I later get back to the office to find an article in The Miami Herald on Mark Diamond, the Miami artist who created them! 

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 5.03.39 PM

Article by: Lunch with Lydia

Miami artist Mark Diamond makes photographs the way he spins stories: expansively; overlooking not the slightest detail; layering and then layering some more.

Diamond, who in the 1980s was considered a leading holography artist, has exhibited his work at Wynwood Walls, Swampspace in the Design District and other galleries around town. But he has also done endless photography, holography and videography for clients such as Marriott Hotels, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Universal Studios, Kimberly-Clark. He spent more than two years documenting the rise of the Midtown Miami development in panoramic time-lapse 3-D.

“The majority of the population has stereo binocular vision. We see the world around us in three dimensions. That’s what’s normal,” says Diamond, 56, whose shoulder-length hair is usually kept in check by a backwards Kangol beret.

“What’s not normal is a two-dimensional photograph or painting. That’s an abstraction of reality. We have learned to interpolate the information we are given in a two-dimensional image. But there’s the story of the aboriginals who were given Polaroid photos of family members and friends and they didn’t understand what these images were because they hadn’t learned to extract from these two-dimensional representations what they were so familiar with in three dimensions.”

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