Wynwood’s Photographer Catalina Ayubi on Finding Inspiration at LAB Miami

Article by: Ily Goyanes

Miami-raised Catalina Ayubi has been shooting photos since she was a kid. Her father gave her a Pentax 35mm camera when she was a child, and she has been aiming to capture the “true character” of locals through her lens ever since. Ayubi also provides creative and unconventional images of weddings, births, and more, through her studio, Catalina Ayubi Photography

POWJohnHoodAyubi’s photo of John Hood, from her “People of Wynwood” series.

She’s also the first member and resident photographer of LAB Miami, which today will host “People of Wynwood,” a photo project based on Ayubi’s Tumblr page. Ayubi has documented the area’s characters in black and white portraits, “from the corporate lawyer to the street artist; from the man who washes the cars to the up and coming tech star.” The event is interactive — expect to have your photo taken.

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