Wynwood Brewing Company is Already Brewing!

Wynwood Brewing Co.

565 NW 24th Street Miami, Florida 33127

photo 5

Front of Wynwood Brewing Company

Articles & Photos by: Kristen Lacayo

Miami was missing a Brewery, and guess where it has landed? Wynwood! Father and Son team Luis Brigoni and “Pops” Luis Brigoni, own the neighborhood’s first micro brewery! Luis the son has always had a passion for beer, ever since college when he used to brew his own with his college room mate as a way to save money and enjoy good brews. After college, Luis went into the corporate world, and decided it was time to establish a brewery in Miami, and brought his Pops (who is retired) into the biz.

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As I parked in the Wynwood Brewing Co. parking lot I smelled the hops in the air. Excited to walk in and see what the the Brignonis was working on I came across a brewing taking place! As Naga Reshi (brewmaster) and Luis the son brewed their own “La Rubia” a blonde ale I was able to be a part of magic taking place! Being a huge beer lover myself, this was more than exiting for me that it being taking place in the streets of Wynwood!  Happily, with open arms we welcome Wynwood’s very own Wynwood Brewing Company, and look forward to years of great brews! Cheers!

photo 3www.wynwoodbrewing.com