Pete Kirill Mentions David Lombardi on his interview for The Miami New Times

The Miami New Times released an article on Pete Kirill as he mentions David Lombardi on his interview, and we’re happy to see this amazing vibrant art mural in our neighborhood!


Article by: Hannah Sentenac

At first blush, brooding, bad boy film icon James Dean and ridiculous ’90s-era rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav may seem to have little in common. But look through the eyes of artist Pete Kirill, and you’ll notice that themes of rebellion against authority and pop culture influence run concurrently through the careers of both men.

It’s this unique take on celebrity culture that’s given Kirill a burgeoning presence in the art world — both in Miami and beyond. His latest mural, just completed at 82 NE 29th St., is dubbed “Rebel Without a Pause,” and depicts Dean with his trademark cigarette and motorcycle — but sporting Flavor Flav’s giant clock and a high-top fade.

After making a whole series of trips back and forth to Cuba for a project, Kirill was inspired by the way political propaganda was reminiscent of classic American pop culture.

One of the things that put Kirill on the map was an apt premonition. Several years ago, he painted Dennis Rodman as Kim Jong-Un — long before Rodman actually started making his treks to North Korea. That got the buzz building.

And about six months ago, developer David Lombardi hired Kirill to paint a mural in Wynwood. A non-political mural. So Kirill went in a new direction, resulting in MC Elvis.

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