Wynwood Decided to Launch a Midweek Endeavor. Thursday Night Art Walk?

Exited for this midweek Art Walk, avoid the crowds! Check it out!

Article by Hannah Sentenac

It’s no secret that Second Saturday Art Walk is urban madness. Thousands of people flood the streets of Wynwood, jockeying for free booze and sidewalk space. Scary. And because it has become so crazy, lots of well-intentioned art lovers stay as far away from the chaos as possible.



Photo by Christina Mendenhall 

So for those folks who are all about the art but can’t handle the crowds, a group of galleries in Wynwood decided to launch a midweek endeavor. This Thursday, a host of the area’s top spots will extend their hours to accommodate Miamians looking for an eyeful of aesthetics.

“A lot of the galleries have decided to come together to open another day apart from Art Walk since it gets so crowded,” says m+v ART co-owner Valentina Garcia. “The season is starting, and we thought if we extend our hours one day a week, then maybe it’ll give other people a chance to come.”

Come this Thursday, m+v ART, along with Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Alma Fine Art, ArtMedia Gallery, Cienfuegos GalleryDina Mitrani GalleryDot FiftyoneEmerson Dorsch GalleryHardcore ContemporaryPanAmerican Art Projects, Ricart Gallery, and Wynwood Art Group will all extend their hours until 9 p.m.

Though not on the official list, David Castillo Gallery will also host an opening that evening for the TM Sisters’ latest exhibition, “Prismavolt,” beginning at 7 p.m.

m+v ART will showcase work by artists Rafael Barrias, Arturo Berned, Jorge Blanco, Lluis Lleo, Leo Matiz, Francisco Salazar, and Fabiola Sequera.

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