LoLo from Sweat Records

Sweat Records

5505 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33137 (786) 693-9309

Article & Photos by Kristen Lacayo

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Lauren Resking, owner of Sweat Records (better known as Lolo) has an interesting background in music and definitely has it in her blood. She linked up with her best friend Sara Yousuf, Co-Founder of Sweat Records, who also shared a deep passion for music as she pursued her career in independent music retail. Together they gave birth to Sweat Records on March of 2005. Six months later – in October, Hurricane Wilma hit and destroyed their building in East Wynwood. They then relocated to Little Haiti just next door to Churchill’s Pub, which is where they are located today! Churchill’s is a Miami landmark; it’s been there since 1979, and is also a music venue as well. Ever since they got the new space (makes 6 years this month), they’ve been working constantly on making the store better. With their hard work, and ambition to grow, they’ve have definitely come a very long way!


Before stopping in and meeting Lolo, I was looking for good hip hop vinyls for myself. Coming across stores that didn’t have anything interesting, google maps led me to Sweat Records where I found exactly what I was looking for! Nas Illmatic, I walked out with a huge smile. Happy to have such a great idea, with a great taste in music in our neighborhood!

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Not only does Sweat Records sell new and used Vinyls, you can also purchase them online on An Espresso bar, and Vegan options within the store is also available. The store also has event space with a stage in the back of the store, which makes it that much better.  Having 2-5 events every week, keeps this music store filled with entertainment. I believe there is nothing better than live music, and I’m sure many would agree! If you want to have a good laugh, Sweat Records hosts Casa de Ha-ha every 2nd Tuesday of the month. It is a stand up comedy show, Sept 2013 marks 5 years of Casa de Ha-ha. There’s never a cover! So if you’re a music love definitely stop by Sweat Records next time your in the neighborhood!


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