Wynwood’s ABSTRK!

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Article & Photos by Kristen Lacayo
Nothing ordinary, ABSTRK one of Miami’s well known artists, emerged in our very own streets. Most of his creations resemble his tag name, in every stroke you’ll find interesting abstract shapes. Known for his murals, graffiti, fine art, and signature eyes seen around Wynwood, I decided to visit his studio and take a deeper look at how his art originated and where his inspiration comes from.
What caught my eye about ABSTRK’s work was definitely the boldness, and unconventional presentation I found within every piece. His art is emotionally driven, and all of his emotions and feelings go into every detail.
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It all began when he was a youngin’! He always found himself creating art. As he grew into his teenage years, he got deep into Graffitti and evolved as a well known street artist. Graffiti is what opened the doors to the art world for ABSTRK. Graffiti has had much influence on his work, giving his artwork a unique twist. ABSTRK has an enormous appreciation for history of any sort, his family history being number one. He always found himself taking a deeper look into his Cuban roots. His mother coming from an under privileged family, and his father with a wealthy background definitely humbled him to understand the best of both worlds. He found every story to be a part of him, and found a way to blend it into his artwork.
One sculpture that I found while roaming through his studio was the R he showcased in the NOW Contemporary Art. The exhibit was called “Rigid” Graffiti in Miami. He made a sculpture for every letter in his name ABSTRK,  but the huge R is truly the one that I found most intriguing. The letter R is made out of a collage of wood pieces that he collected from The Miami Marine Stadium and used a number of chairs and wood pieces, aswell as signs colleced there. It took a considerable amount of skill to complete, and you can tell by its vast amount of incredible detail.
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ABSTRK infront of the R
ABSTRK and the artist within keeps him consistently on his toes, and his imagination constantly creating something new. We can only wait to see what he has in store for the future, and of course for Art Basel! It’s definitely a warm feeling to know Miami’s art scene is growing and more and more of our artists are following their passion and making what they love into full time hobby.
24th wall 2013
Mural on 325 NW 24th Street