A Touch of Italy comes to Wywnood! Cafe Babbo, Opening Soon.


Cafe Babbo

97 NW 25th Street #103

Miami, FL 33127

kristenlacayo-2Anthonio Chia inside Cafe Babbo

Article & photos by Kristen Lacayo

David Lombardi, principal of Lombardi Properties and his wife Shari, had the pleasure of recently visiting and taking a tour of Sandro Chia‘s winery in Italy. Sandro was born and raised in Florence, Italy and was a key member of the Itlling Transavanguardia movement. The movement was at its peak during the 1980s and was part of a wider movement of Neo-Expressionist painters around the world. Today he lives between Miami, Rome and his Castello Romitorio wine-making estate in Montalcino, where he also follows the production of prestigious wines, amongst which the world-famous Brunello wine, which has won the ‘International Wine Challenge’ for best red wine in 2010.

Inside the Castello Romitorio Winery as they sort the grapes
David Lombardi’s wife Shari, in front of the Castello Romitorio Winery
Sandro Chia met David Lombardi back in 2001, where he was a tenant at our Terminal Lofts, and grew a strong attachment to Wynwood. Son, Antonio Chia moved from NY to Miami to attend University of Miami in 2006 and was able to witness the Wynwood neighborhood evolve as the years passed. Cafe Babbo is a creation of Sandro and Antonio’s passions combined, choosing no where else but bringing it to Wynwood. Cafe Babbo, (Babbo meaning Father in Tuscan slang) will be offering a wide variety of meats and cheeses, paninis, salads, juices and their very own Castello Romitorio Wines! Having their very own wine in their cafe is the most exciting part for Sandro and Antonio. They will be open for lunch and dinner, and will cater to the late night crowd. In the back of the Cafe there is a brick oven being built,  where authentic brickoven or stone-fired dishes will be made. Art will be flooding the walls, as Cafe Babbo will be part ArtGallery as well. Can’t have a better combination than this! With a pure Italian touch, this will be a great place to lounge and have a different feel than anything else around these streets.
Babbo himself. Sculpture by Sandro Chia
As the Italians do it, food will be eaten on long sharing style tables that I fell in love with, all while being seated on  the eclectic Eva and Pepe chairs, that you cannot miss! Surrounding it are all the beautiful sculptures that are being showcased and made by Sandro Chia himself. This great father and son duo and all their passions combined will all be served and made with love!
Inside view of Cafe Babbo, in the works
These fantastic chairs by Eva and Pepe