David Lombardi mentioned in World Property Channel

Article by John Ellis

Wynwood, Miami. It’s raw, edgy, much hyped, but at its core, Wynwood is still a neighborhood. They say, “It takes a town” and I like the town of Wynwood.

Wynwood sits north of downtown and Overtown and adjacent to Edgewater. Once referred to as “Little San Juan” and “El Barrio,” the area was home to many Puerto Ricans immigrating to Miami from the island and northeastern cities in the 1950s. Puerto Rican-owned restaurants, shops, markets and other businesses line the streets of Wynwood.

Recently, however, the neighborhood has seen a push towards gentrification and the push has become an all-out rush. The transition from a historically commercial neighborhood to a vibrant work-live-entertainment hub is well underway. The new Wynwood is actually split into two sub-districts: the Wynwood Art District in northern Wynwood, and the Wynwood Fashion District along West 5th Avenue. The Art District is home to more than 70 galleries, museums and art collections.

On any given day at any given time (trust me) Panther Coffee in the Arts District is a good place to be. Call it the new heart of hip, a seat outside of Panther, under the tree, is ground zero. The international buzz is palatable – just close your eyes and listen. Embrace the aroma of gourmet coffee and money.

The old Wynwood seems ready to embrace the new velocity of change. In fact, things have been changing for a while in Wynwood. Early pioneers include the Rubell Family, which has displayed its extensive art collection on 29th Street since 1993. The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse opened in Wynwood in 1999 and houses the extensive art collection of Martin Z. Margulies.

Local broker and developer David Lombardi began purchasing buildings in Wynwood in 2000. Lombardi developed the 36 unit Wynwood Lofts condominium project in 2005 – to this day the premier residential address for Wynwood.

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