Artist Ivan Roque

Article & photo by Kristen Lacayo
Miami artist Ivan Roque, also known as The Lost Artist, is a Cuban-American urban artist. Born and raised from the inner community of Carol City, Florida, art has always been a passion for him since he was a kid. Roque is now showcasing his work in Wyn317. Known for his jack-o’-lantern face around Wynwood, Roque has always been attracted to dark subject matters, dark styles and hard edged works. Why the jack-o’-lantern? “It represents who I am and what lurks inside of me.”
IMG_6814 copy
Roque began in the street arts, as a way of advertising his art. Growing and marketing his style, he later started getting into it professionally after Miami artist GG took him under his wing, as a mentor. After interning for GG, that’s when he realized things started taking off for him. Roque has definitely grown as an artist within the year, and has had the pleasure to work alongside other popular Miami artists. He is pleased to say it’s been a dream come true.
Your insights on Wynwood.
“Wynwood is great, although I would love to see it expand more into the city hopefully downtown and little haiti. Besides that it’s a great movement we have going on.”
Probable Cause at Wyn317
With his many accomplishments, Roque has also broken into the international and national art scene with shows in New York and pieces being sold to collectors worldwide. He is definitely a force within the Miami art scene and quickly moving to much larger audiences across the globe as his work is starting to pick up much demand.