Héctor Maldonado Showcasing in The Red Dot Art Fair during Art Basel


Article & photos by Kristen Lacayo

Artists Héctor Maldonado and Meme Ferré share their art studios in one eccentric home owned by Lombardi Properties. Maldonado and Ferré named the house Casa Coquí Miami. 

Casa Coquí Miami, is an art space designated to showcase both Ferré and Maldonado’s artwork and that of other contemporary artists throughout the year. Its mission is to showcase artists of Puerto Rican and Caribbean lineage. It offers educational seminars/art workshops/art classes and has exhibition opportunities. New workshops, lectures and art class schedules (including live nude model) will be posted after Art Basel week.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Héctor Maldonado is currently living in Wywnood. Maldonado graduated with honors (Bachelors in Fine Arts, Cum Laude) from Universidad de Puerto Rico, then obtained a Masters in Fine Arts from the Real Academia de San Carlos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. His work is a reflection on issues, visceral and vital to him: God, childhood, language (communication), time, eternity, and levels of human existence; spiritual and physical.

hector 2

In 2001, Héctor Maldonado decided to permanently reside in Miami. Since 2007, he has been working on various series; from mixed media on canvas and wood panel to assemblage-construction/sculptures made from found objects and has exhibited extensively in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Miami and occasionally in Spain.

His three most recent solo-shows (Blood & Toys (Borinquen Art Projects, Miami, 2010), Blood & Toys II (The Moore Building, Miami, 2010) and Bienvenido a casa/Welcome Home (Museo de Las Américas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011) have brought great acceptance and reviews.

His new series, that will be showcased in the Red Dot Art Fair (Borinquen Art Projects (booth E-108) and MAM Gallery (booth D103), during Art Basel week (Dec. 3-8, 2013), is called The Threshold. It is a series of mixed medias on sealed wood panel, based on one of the sources that inspired and occupied the creative minds during much of the Renaissance period: the Bible.

“After studying the Bible and the scenes (subjective interpretations) that have been visually recreated based on its books, I conceive my own comment.

The topics will be the same: Madonna and Child, The Holy Family, The Presentation in the Temple, The Visitation, etc. This new work is conceptually based on themes dealt with by geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raphael, etc. but under a current lens; responding to a personal contemporary imaginary.

Linear images, doors and windows, share the bi-dimensional common space of the panel and leads to symbolic (and metaphorical) interpretations. There is a communication between both areas; even though visually divided in the same plane, they are conceptually related.” The artist explains.

Don’t forget to stop by Red Dot Art Fair this Art Basel week to check out this great series!