The Art Place Wynwood

The Art Place Wynwood
2722 NW2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127
Article & Photos by Kristen Lacayo
Danilo Gonzalez owner of The Art Place Wynwood,  is dedicated to serving its community by leading in the presentation and promotion of contemporary visual arts in the Wynwood Arts District. Their central location within Miami’s burgeoning art scene provides us with the opportunity to benefit from our direct contact with local and international events. It is through their offering of consultation services to private collectors and institutions, educational programs, and high caliber art exhibits that  The Art Place Wynwood provides cultural enrichment to the Wynwood community in Miami, Florida. Furthermore, The Art Place Wynwood is a space where one can relax with the art, enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine and talk about art and cultural events in a mellow environment.. 
Danilo came to Wynwood 5 years ago, and Lombardi Properties was his first option. He speaks on how it has been an interesting ride for him. When he began learning about all the developers like Lombardi, he saw the risk they were all taking basing themselves in Wynwood. He found them very brave, and courageous and thought to himself “If these guys are here, there is definitely something good happening there!” and so it did…
Danilo Gonzalez is a gallerist not only in Wynwood but he has had galleries all over the world, including Paris, Venezuela, New York, Vermont, and Honduras. Being in Wynwood for 5 years, Gonzalez  has been part of the transformation of this neighborhood and it has become part of his life. He sees not only an interesting community for the artist but also for the tourist and for people that love art.
When asking Danilo his views of Wynwood, being a business owner in Wynwood.. he shared some insight and his vision on how we can build a stronger community for the artists. Of course with much respect to everyone. 
“I see this as a great opportunity to show the world that we can have an artistic neighborhood with so much to offer besides a fancy area to place their stores. We have to be really smart about this, because the art kind of shifts really easily and the public chases these currents. If you don’t do the right thing they can go to another area. We have some magic here that we have to be smart about and preserve and the most intelligent thing for the locals to do is to find a way to keep the artist to in this community!  By offering these artists an affordable rent, and affordable places to eat. Our artists are the main guys! They’re the ones bringing everyone to Wynwood. Artists are the most scared animals in the planet, we come here make these things nice, beautiful and attractive, and instead of being scared of the renters coming we should propose a project to the government since we are the ONES who create the community. Miami is becoming famous for their street art, and we have to give credit to that. There is definitely another angle to everything, and with a balance Wynwood can keep its charm.”
What drew me to The Art Place Wynwood was the duo-exhibition paintings by Henry Rodriguez and Danilo Gonzalez in the Main Gallery.  Danilo Gonzalez proudly presented “Homage to Henry” last month for a great friend that lost his life to cancer. “I remember 1980 as a year of innovation and grand global events, Henry and I were in college where we sat around analyzing the behaviors and events of society. Henry and I used to dream of having a solo show together and opening a gallery or studio in NY or Paris.  Conversations always revolved around our dreamed collaboration in which we discussed how our exhibition would show the world how to change for the better. No matter the time or place, when we’re together our enthusiasm was always preserved to that heightened level we maintained as young dreamers.  However, our temperaments lead us on different paths and through time we went from being dancers to actors to Avant-guard painters where we remained until the last day of his life.” 
Danilo Gonzalez infront of “Homage to Henry”
“Henry was an intelligent and informed artist, and even though his production was cut short, his artwork is mature. The graphic essence of his work coupled with the passion Henry had for history positioned his work into a very special place within the art world. This show is very important because it will reflect the strength of an intense and meticulous artist with ideas that demand attention.”
“I am preparing a series of portraits depicting Henry which will reflect the multifaceted human and profound thinker that he was. His smile will be the main focus of my work for this show and I hope to imprint the ideas of freedom and turbulence that existed in his mind. I knew him very well. Henry was and will be forever the friend, the brother and the artist that remain in our hearts.  His intelligence is my inspiration, and his friendship is my treasure.”
Last but not least, new to The Art Place is the Wynwood Cafe! This was something missing in the community. With the right price, and a nice variety of sandwiches, cold drinks, coffee, and snacks. Danilo made the menu affordable, along with a creative environment to enjoy.  This was always a dream for Danilo, and I am happy to wish him the best of luck!