Wynwood’s 5 Best Bars

Everyone loves Wynwood, it’s not even a secret. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your culture, enjoy a few brews, gather with locals, hit the shops, whatever.

It’s the home of a rad art scene, but it’s getting a party rep too. Some of the arty folks and business types aren’t too keen on the hood’s increasingly hedonistic reputation. But sorry, squares, we’re about to add to the problem.

Well, it’s not really a problem if you still get to work on time, right? Here are Wynwood’s best bars.


By Kat Bein

1. Bardot
You are probably sick of hearing us talk nice about Bardot. But come on! It’s so easy. Inside, the club is dark and sexy and smokey as fuhk. The musical acts perform on the floor, right in front of you, making it one of the most intimate venues in all of Miami. The acts are top-notch, and the headliners foreshadow the bills at bigger venues in the months to come. Even if you don’t know who’s playing, it’s one of those places, so you’re just like, “C’mon, it’s Bardot, it’ll be good.” That kind of quality control makes it numero uno, and the hella chill vibe don’t hurt ’em.

2. Electric Pickle
Single-name status is reserved for the highest ranking celebrities: Cher, Madonna, Britney, Pickle. It’s not just a nightclub, it’s an institution recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in underground house. Featuring both fantastic international players and a rotating lineup of local big-ballers, the Electric Pickle offers a great space where real music fans drink, dance, and let go.

3. Wood Tavern
This is the kind of bar Kanye West just freakin’ walks into all “Yo, Miami, ‘sup?” This is the kind of bar that gives out free tacos on Tuesdays. This is the kind of bar where you can listen to reggae artists on the back patio while indulging in reggae-friendly extracurricular activities. Who doesn’t fucking love that?!

4. Gramps
If you’re looking for character, comfort, and plain old-fashioned fun, Gramps is the spot. Named in honor of the owner Adam Gersten’s grandfather, this hangout blends old Florida style with Wynwood’s cutting-edge cultural steez. Its warm and gritty atmosphere welcomes the kind of barflies who appreciate kitsch, but still want to get down to good tunes while sipping classy drinks. With a mix of fun weekly events and special shows, there’s always something going down at Gramps.

5. Cafeina
Cafeina is classic Wynwood. Blending art and nightlife (and tasty foods, hello!) into one beautiful package, it would be wrong not to give this NW 23rd Street mainstay a shout out. Relax with a cocktail outside or enjoy the music while perusing featured art works. And did you know there’s a gin and scotch speakeasy upstairs? That is fucking class right there.

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