Ryan Humphrey in Lombardi Pop Up Shop


Ryan Humphrey is an American artist from New York, and is in Art Basel this week! Humphrey is exhibiting his art on 167 NW 25th Street, in the Lombardi Properties Pop Up Shop. Humphrey attended Ohio University and was part of the Whitney program in New York, where he studied sculpture. Sculpting led Humphrey to making skateboard decks, BMX ramps, and customizing BMX bikes. Humphrey uses his sculptures to convey his view of the social strata of today. “Louis Vuitton will not save you!” he says, while adding another wheel to one of his boards.

Humphrey’s skateboard art has many different shapes, bright eye-catching colors, and are all handmade! Although, BMX has always been his main passion, skateboarding is what opened his mind to creating something truly unique. Sculpture being his main passion, he likes to customize different objects and is already working on his next project; handbags. Stop by this Art Basel, and check out this exceptional artist!

Ryan Humphrey’s Art can be viewed in DCKT Contemporary Art Gallery






Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro