Art Basel Aftermath


This past week, people from all over the world came to Wynwood to see beautiful murals, live art, and some of the world’s best graffiti artists. The artists work hard to get their name out there and expect to be respected.

Some artists weren’t so lucky, however. One artist we caught up with on Friday was especially angry. “I’ve been doing murals in this city for years,” she says while applying more paint to one of the walls (to cover the mess that a tag made). “And honestly, it’s a problem. People don’t have respect for an artist’s hard work”. Is it to spite the artists? Are they jealous of the talent this year had to offer? No one can be sure, but what is for sure is these amateur doodles have been found all over the neighborhood; which is making companies, businesses and muralists very frustrated.


We need to ask ourselves what we can do to start cleaning up the neighborhood and clearing out unwanted tags. One passerby said “This charlie brown face is popping up everywhere, even worse only one day after Art Basel week. This guy’s imagery is hideous and is uncompareable to the amazing talent we’ve seen this year.”




Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro