Ives.One and Sjem Bakkus. From Amsterdam to Wynwood!

Today we were very lucky to get a chance to sit and talk with muralists Ives.One and Sjem Bakkus, before their ten-hour flight tomorrow back to Amsterdam.  2013 Art Basel was their first year visiting Miami, where they completed a number of murals for Art Basel. In the future they hope to persuade more Dutch artists to come to Miami for Art Week.  “Our dream would be to have an area like Wynwood in Amsterdam”, says Ives.One. “This is an artist’s playground!” Sjem Bakkus called it.



These Dutch artists have a story they need to get out to the art community. The artists are a part of a foundation in Amsterdam that was founded in 2010 by Nicole Blommers and Jarno Gnirrep in 2009 called Amsterdam Street Art. Their goal is to get funding for new artists, give them the right connections into the art world, and to provide quality work for the streets of the Netherlands. They feel being a part of Wynwood and Miami art community will further their mission to broaden the audience of the art to both Wynwood and Amsterdam. The artists are aiming to import the culture and arts from Netherlands to Miami.


Big things are possible for European street artists coming to Wynwood.  In the future we hope to give our guests the support they need. David Lombardi from Lombardi Properties Realty Company plans to assist them in opening their own gallery in Wynwood next year; however, they need sponsors.

We hope to see more of their beautiful murals at next years Art Basel. Sjem Bakkus, does more detailed work where Ives.One does more creatures and fantasy art. The mixture of the two creates something magical. The art comes naturally to both of them, they balance each other out and truly have a passion for art and spray painting. Ives told us “We enjoyed our time in Miami! We partied, made a visit to the Florida Keys, and went to a Heat Game! There are real quality people living here in Miami.”

“We will have big smiles and excitement for what is to come from being exposed to Wynwood and Miami. We have high hopes looking for a sponsor.” You know they’ll be missing Miami’s heat, now they go back to forty-degree weather!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro