Opening of the Metropolitan International School of Miami in Wynwood!!

Wynwood Welcomes the Metropolitan International School of Miami!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro 


The Metropolitan School of Miami in Wynwood is currently accepting enrollment! Founder Maria Padovan Kindell and Principal Principal Ines Lozano, have known each other for 17 years. Both being from out of the country, they understand the struggles for learning a new language as well as the importance of culture in the school system.Who better to start the school that is aiming to change the world? They purchased a building in Wynwood (3465 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127) that used to be a police station, which is now filled with colorful hallways, and giant studio rooms with enough space for a child to truly explore their creativity.

This school is for the COMMUNITY and will surely become Wynwood’s second home. Whether your trying to learn a new language, or just looking to be more involved in the lives of your children, this is the place you want to send your kid. Not only do they pride themselves on a well balanced diet, a physical education program like no other, but also a school based on the future generations of students coming into the school system. Technology is changing and so are we, and a school like this is the kind of change we are looking for.


Kindell was inspired by the idea when she was just ten years old, and was attending an Italian school similar to this one she created. She remembered as a girl loving school and the international program; where P.E was big and “healthy mind healthy body” was their motto. She then got started at 19 studying biology, and found out teaching was her calling when teaching biology in a lab.

Principal Ines Lozano had a life of moving around all the time, which has made her focus on how important it is for kids to have a cultured and open mind. “In order to understand the 21st century, you have to understand America is a melting pot. Miami is an international city, so the way we want to deal with children is to integrate culture, and that is how you have a well rounded person. It is difficult trying to do business in the 21st century if you do not understand other cultures.”


Director of Athletics Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, (former World #1 ranked in single and doubles, inducted in the Hall of fame together with Pete Sampras.  ESPN selected her the most influent Latinoamerican  Sport Person. ) is a part of a inspirational staff of people running the school. A tennis court is a possibility for outside, a huge park, they will also have basketball, baseball, and soccer (as well as “soccer saturday mornings” for both parents and kids to enjoy). It is also open on the weekends. This is a place the community can leave the children for 4 hours, and the adults they can study languages  down the hall, or do what they please, this is a second home for the community. They’re even open for birthday parties!

“Being in Wynwood adds up, because we have a lot of friends in the area. We have gallery owners that are eager for us to get in there. We will be able to take the kids on field trips to the galleries in Wynwood. They get an appreciation of art being in Wynwood, it would be a whole new experience for them… not only having art classes but going to the galleries and talking to artists. For us it’s huge. We are also really excited to start an after school program that is called portfolio preparation. So for the students that would like to finish high school at a place like DASH or New World would be ready for that.” Another friend of theirs in Wynwood is Gigi’s restaurant. Gigi’s will provide food for the students in the school, it sets the school apart and includes a well balanced and healthy diet. They are also working on a coffee and smoothie shop inside the school for students and parents to enjoy.


Be good with your neighbor, believe in yourself, and have self-responsibility, are just some of the values Maria Kindell has worked so hard to instill in her school. Her and Ines Lozano both believe that these values are the building blocks to make a good person. Patience and charity are also big values for this school, they plan to take the students to do charity and involve the students in doing field things outside their comfort zone. They believe it’s nice to listen to the parents because they have good ideas too. “We are used to seeing children cry in preschool, but they don’t want to go home!”  Maria Kindell adds, “The goal is to help the curriculum fit the child, not to force the child to fit the curriculum”.


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