Why You Should Join Crossfit Wynwood!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro


Crossfit Wynwood located at 56 NE 29th Street Miami, FL 33137, right across from Midtown, opened just three years ago. At this time, Midtown was just built. They felt this was an up and coming area, so Wynwood was the perfect location for them. 


Robert Almeida, doing handstand pushups!


Moses Hernandez, counts down as the members run their sprints!

Why do they have a passion for fitness? Chris Dominguez, wants a healthy lifestyle for himself since there have been health issues in his family. Another trainer, Moses Hernandez, got into sports at a young age; dabbling in track, basketball and football, then went to college and was on the football team at Robert Morris University. They have a true passion for fitness and sports and are here to help you be as fit and healthy as possible.


At Crossfit Wynwood, they will go out of their way to make you feel like family. You can get used to seeing familiar faces at the same times, without the pressure of being new to a gym. At this location, you are welcomed by some of the Art District’s workers, such as the marketers, advertisers, designers, artists and gallery owners of the Wynwood neighborhood.

They plan for future to hold competitions, as well as many other plans. Last year’s plans were successful; they were able to expand on more services for the members. They just opened a spinning room, and now have a yoga instructor, as well meal plans for members. One of the meal plans is the Paleo Diet Meal plan– by Crossfit Wynwood, which consists of healthy meals without the worries of groceries or calorie counting! The perfect complement workout is delivered right to your doorstep! Only ten dollars per meal!


In the workout space, they have two flat screen TVs on the wall. Members can log their progress, post photos, view friend’s progress, all on the Crossfit database. The program allows members to even update from their mobile phones!


If you are in the neighborhood and looking for a good workout, visit this hidden gem! 

For more information on schedule times and classes, please visit Crossfitwynwood.com