This Week at O-Cinema! A Journey into a Cult, Donald Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush and more

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There are a lot of many ways to tell a story and as this weekends FilmGateinteractive Transmedia festival proves to us, all the rules can be broken and our perceptions challenged.
Our friends at IndieFilmClub Miami have surpassed our expectation of lineups with a whole weekend devoted to alternative story-telling:  from workshops and demonstrations to some of the most exciting and original cinematic events we’ve ever hosted at O Cinema.
We’re enthusiastically encouraging everyone to attend Mark Harris’ The Lost Children, an interactive film exploration of the world and culture of cults.  It’s making its South East premiere after a rave run at New York’s Lincoln Center.  Trust us when we say it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
The National Film Board of Canada brings us the fascinating interactive documentary, A Journal of Insomnia, which delves into the mind of those afflicted by this disorder in a new and unexpected way.
The Italian film Cinema Paradiso is one of the most beloved foreign films for cinephiles.  It’s director, Giuseppe Tornatore, returns to the screen with a new and very different type of film.  The Best Offer stars Geoffrey Rush and Donald Sutherland in a suspenseful thriller about a master auctioneer and a reclusive collector of fine art.   Playing this weekend as well at O Cinema Miami Shores at the Miami Theater Center is 12 O’Clock Boys, an intimate and engrossing look at youthful abandon through the eyes of Pug and his friends, a group of illegal dirt bike riders from West Baltimore.  A critical favorite at SXSW and HotDocs, 12 O’Clock Boys has been described as “The Wire on Wheelies”.  Check it out.




Jan 31st and Feb 1, 2014

The secretive HIERARCHY OF THE LOST CHILDREN cult will open itself to Miami audiences at the FilmGate Interactive Festival at O Cinema Wynwood, with an immersive event that will challenge your beliefs through all of your senses.  Truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and coming to Miami direct from a critically acclaimed engagement at New Yorks Lincoln Center.

The evening will take three parts:

Part 1) Opening Cocktail Reception

In a casual, social environment, you will witness and take part in demonstrations of the cult’s recruitment techniques. These involve various tests of your psychic connectivity and openness. Don’t be afraid if you find yourself drawn to some of the ideas you hear. You might just be one of us. Literature and counselling will be available.

Part 2) The Three Revelations of Metamorphosis

You will witness the cult’s initiation ritual. Rarely seen by outsiders, this ritual depends heavily on the emotional state of the audience. You may be asked to participate. Not to worry, it’s 100% safe*. It’s a powerful and unique experience that may cause you to question your own beliefs. We don’t yet know who will commit, but one of you will join us.

Part 3) Interactive Film

The evening will climax with a screening of the interactive film THE LOST CHILDREN. The film tells the story of Evelyn Hamilton, patron saint of the cult, and her battle against all odds to fulfill her destiny. But this is no ordinary film. This film reacts to you in real time. Believers encourage the film to reveal certain secrets. Sceptics cause the film to reveal others. It’s different every screening.

Part 4) Q&A

Pull back the curtain with the event’s organizers, and let us know…are you one of us?

* On rare occasions, participants have experienced some psychic stress and revelations of previously unknown abilities such as photonic vibrations, organic sonar and angel listening.  Please note, the ritual involves full nudity.

The National Film Board of Canada’s 
Sat, Feb 1, 2014 @ 6pm


It is always daytime somewhere-and night-time somewhere else. The Internet is insomnia. A Journal of Insomnia invites insomniacs to collaborate in a web-based reflection on what keeps them up at night. This interactive documentary offers an utterly original encounter with a disorder that affects one in three people in the developed world. In September 2012, insomniacs around the world began sharing their stories Thousands have contributed webcam testimonies, written accounts and original artwork-material that forms the heart of A Journal of Insomnia. Four insomniacs in particular invite us to an unusual nocturnal rendezvous, summoning us to an appointment with sleeplessness that provides arresting new perspectives on contemporary existence and the anxiety that so often underscores our days-and our nights.

The interactive experience includes: a mock confessional, an interactive feature, an experience walkthrough and music