We welcome Mmmm Restaurant, to the neighborhood!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro

Owner Alan Mclennan, is excited for the opening of his restaurant in Wynwood! Located at 2519 NW 2nd ave. (the former Lester’s). The owners plan to open this week! They were open during Art Walk, to give the neighborhood a preview of what they have to offer. Hours of operation are expected to be from 10am-7pm, maybe brunch, Alan says they will “see how the flow goes”. They are also hoping to be open during Sunday afternoons.


The kind of food to be served includes tar-tines, which are open faced sandwiches. Also soups and kick ass salads! They will also serve off-the-cuff beers and wines.

Mmmm Restaurant is in collaboration with Azucar Ice Cream, known for their best Cuban ice cream, from Calle Ocho. Which was served during their Art Walk opening.


Mmmm restaurant is here to tap into the local market of Wynwood, and to satisfy the locals gap in a retro style. Alan feels the ambiance of his new restaurant is good for the neighborhood. They also plan to be dialed in to local food tours! We can’t wait to give it a try!